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What Downton Abbey Has Taught Me About Insurance

What Downton Abbey Has Taught Me About Insurance

Today, I want to take a break from the more technical side of insurance and have a little fun. Well, I might talk about insurance at least a little bit, but I'll try to keep you interested. I have to say, that I don't usually have a show that I have to watch. With TV, I can usually take it or leave it. But not with Downton Abbey! I'm hooked, as I know so many of you are too! I've been thinking about how truly insightful it really is. I'm thinking not just about the many captivating plot twists and characters, and not just reflecting on my fascination with the time period and the awesome hairstyles and fancy dresses, or simultaneous simplicity and complexity of their lives. But we really can learn a lot about people, life, society, psychology, and friendship, and of course, insurance. Here are just a few nuggets that I've come up with so far.

Expect the unexpected. Without going into details and spoiling anything for those of you who aren't completely caught up on the latest episode, I'll just say that there will come times when all you can do is stand there with your jaw wide open and grasp for words, let alone know what the next step will be. (Here comes my spiel about insurance…) I don't mean to sound all doom and gloom, but real life can become "messy". Hopefully, that's where insurance might be able to step in and help make you whole again. I wonder if Lord Grantham might today have a Workers Comp policy.

You get exactly what you pay for. Remember when Mrs. Patmore bought all those black market goods from Thomas? And it was cheap? And it was terrible? Yeah, I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for." A lot of people, when comparing insurance, will be blinded by one thing only. Price. But, is that all that really matters? What does it actually cover? Do you need more than that, do you maybe need less? Does it meet YOUR personal needs? Maybe, maybe not. We are here to listen to you and help you figure out what's best for you. And, we have lots of options. You don't have to buy something from some shyster out of a dank garage.

You have to keep up with the times, at least a little bit
. Bravo, Lord Grantham! A telephone is a great idea, no matter what Mr. Carson says! I'm all for working smart, and using whatever is available to make life easier. We're available by text, email, phone, or in person, no matter how you prefer to communicate. It's possible to go overboard though too, and I think some of us have. I'm all for limiting tech-time so that we can all still remember what it's like to be a human, to speak audible words in a one on one conversation with another fellow human, to write with a pen and paper, and to enjoy the simpler facets of life.

So, I hope you're enjoying season four as much as I am! I hope too that you've thought at least a little bit about your own insurance. We are an Independent Insurance Agency with over 30 different insurance carriers, which means we can help you find a policy to suit your individual needs. Give us call if you'd like a quote. If you are already have insurance with us, we'd be happy to review your current policies with you.

Thanks for reading!
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