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Do you understand your insurance policy?

your insurance policy

Most Pennsylvania & Arizona insurance policies have similar sections.  Knowing your policy will help ensure you have the best coverage available for your needs and will help you avoid problems in the event of a loss.

There are typically basic parts to your insurance policy:

  • Declaration Page - This is usually the first part of the policy and describes the insured, what is covered, the limits, policy period and any other key information.
  • Coverages & Limits - This part is a summary of coverages and states what is covered.
  • Conditions - This section explains the responsibilities of the insured that must be met.
  • Exclusions - This part explains what is not covered in the event of a loss, such as flood damage in a homeowners policy.
  • Endorsement & Riders - This section includes the provisions that add to, delete, or modify the original policy.

Having a good understanding of your insurance policy will help in claims and loss situations and the agents at OHL Insurance & Financial Services can also help explain any of these if you have additional questions.

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